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Buy Xenical 120 mg (42 Caps)

  • $85.00
  • Brand: Roche
  • Product Code:42 caps (120 mg/cap)
  • Availability:100

Manufacturer: Roche, Switzerland Substance: Orlistat Pack: 42 caps (120 mg/cap)   Xenical 120 mg is an orally administer medicine to help overweight or obese patients to lose weight. Xenical 120 mg contains 120..

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Manufacturer: Roche, Switzerland
Substance: Orlistat
Pack: 42 caps (120 mg/cap)


Xenical 120 mg is an orally administer medicine to help overweight or obese patients to lose weight. Xenical 120 mg contains 120mg of Orlistat as the active ingredient. Xenical 120 mg belongs from a class of medications called lipase inhibitors. It works by preventing some of the fat in foods eaten from being absorbed in the intestines. Xenical 120 mg is mostly prescribed in combination with a reduced calorie diet and exercise to help people who are overweight. Orlistat is the only available medicine which helps to maintain the body weight. Doctors will calculate a patient’s body mass index (BMI) to know if one is overweight or obese and if the patient is at risk of health problems. BMI and other factors will help a doctor decide if weightloss medication must be prescribed.

The product Xenical 120 mg is used for decrease in the body weight for people with overweight, of whom body mass index (BMI) is equal or higher than 28. Active substance is orlistatum. Xenical 120 mg obstructs your body to absorb the fat from consumed food. By decrease of absorbed amount of fat you will lose weight faster and easier. The product Xenical 120 mg is combined with the diet with lower intake of calories and lower content of fat. Medicament should not be consumed longer than 6 months. In the case that after 12 weeks of Xenical 120 mg consummation you will not lose weight, consult the further procedure with your doctor or pharmacist. It is possible that you will have to end the consummation of Xenical 120 mg.

Xenical 120mg intereferes with the digestion and absorption of fat by blocking the enzyme in the gut which are responsible for fat digestion. The undigested fat will not be absorbed by the body and will be excreted in stools. This action will reduce the amount of calories absorbed by the body. However, Xenical does not block the absorption of calories from sugar and non-fat foods.


The usual adult and pediatric dose of Xenical for obesity is 120mg taken 3 times a day with meals containing fat. A dose may be taken during each meal or within an hour after having a meal. A dose may be skipped if a meal is skipped or if a meal does not contain fat. A meal must contain fat because Xenical will not work without fat in the diet. The fat content of the daily diet must not exceed 30% of the total daily calorie intake.

If a patient lost 5% of weight in 3 months, use of Xenical 120mg may be continued, otherwise, treatment must be stopped. If a patient continues to lose weight in a span of 6 months, Xenical 120mg therapy may be continued for 1 to 2 years or longer. The doctor will regularly check a patient to determine the duration of therapy.

Xenical 120mg is only part of a complete weight loss program. Weight loss is achieved with the help of weight loss medications together with proper diet, exercise and weight control.

Side effects

Similar to all medicaments, also but by consummation of the product Xenical 120mg exists the risk of side effects formation. However, those are only light and disappear immediately after the end of consummation. Most commonly it is: diarrhea, headaches, febricity, cold, appetite loss, or nausea.


Not suitable for pregnant and breast-feeding women. Do not consume if you use also cyclosporin, wafarin or other medicaments for decrease of blood clotting. Not suitable for patients with allergy on any ingredient of the product, or patients with cholestasis (blocking of gall outflow from liver) and have problems with food absorption. 

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